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Gunaikurnai Creation Stories by Casey Pepper


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Gunai/ Kurnai – Bratuaalung

Casey Pepper is a Gunai/ Kurnai & Wemba Wemba man from Victoria. He moved around a lot as a child. Walking with his Nan from 3 months of age until the age of seven when in Drouin, Victoria. “It was a very good life with a lot of family with lots of love.” says Casey. His Nan had 18 children, so right now he has 87 first cousins. 

He met his Mother at the age of 7. At this stage he and his two brothers who were raised by his Nan moved to Balranaldm NSW, and lived there for a few years. There he learnt a lot of culture and bush food. After a few years of living there they moved to Dandenong. He and his two Brothers had a very turbulent upbringing at this time. Casey and his two brothers started getting into trouble at this time, and got into even more trouble in Dandnong. After a few years there my mother and step-father moved to Albury, by this stage we had another 3 siblings. Casey stayed in Albury for a year and then moved back to Dandenong to be with my other brothers who stayed in Dandenong and the other brother went to live in Drouin with my Nan. So I was back close to them. 

By this time my criminal behaviour accelerated. I startes to get into trouble with the Law. Started experimenting with drugs. After a couple of years there my father moved from Hastings to Dandenong to be with me and my brother. A couple of years later I lost my brother, the one who lived with me in Dandenong. It was a very hard part of my life, but my crime went to a low. A few years later i moved to Adelaide with my Auntie who I had originally moved to Dandenong to be with. 

I had my first child around this time but also started my adult imprisonment. I had done a few years on and off, came back to Melbourne and really got into crime doing a few years for a Bank Robbery. Got out but was notready for the pressure of a normal life, but also by this time i was a Father of four. I got locked up for another 8 years for armed robbery then got extadited to SA for an old Serious Criminal trespass and Assault charge. I did two years for this and then got out on 16/10/19.and decided to use LTW as a help that I really needed after being in for so long