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Pop Art Painting

14/01/2021 16:30
14/01/2021 18:00
105 Hampstead Road, Manningham, South Australia 5086   View map
0416 950 495


Come to Blake Broggi-Edhouse along and draw on a 16x 20inch canvas your own pop art.

Then choose from our array of acrylic paint colours to paint it. 

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This event has passed

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Under 18 Art Classes

We have two age groups for art classes at Clipboard to choose from:

7 to 10 year old which are 60 minute classes of creative exploration under the guidance of Caitlin Bowe, one of our in-house artists.

11 to 18 year olds which are one and a half hour classes which will give the students freedom to learn in specialised areas of interest.

Creativity painting classes are for 10 years and over. They are one-off acrylic painting class with an in-house artists guiding them to success. Be taught some painting secrets.