Art Party Ideas

There are many ways to celebrate and have fun with art and who says it just stops at kids’ birthday parties? At Clipboard Art Supplies, we believe in celebrating for all occasions with all the fun. Take the stress of planning, prepping, and hosting. Simply pick which Art Party you would like, inform us on the number of guest and have some fun by making an artistic memory for you to have and take home with you.

All materials supplied, no need to bring a thing! And for an additional cost per person, we can provide food as well for you and your guest. Ensuring there is not anything for you to forget/bring with you. Choose your own colours and each guest gets to take home their own original artwork. It’s a win win for everyone!

90 minutes no food $45 per head
2 hours with food $50 per head
  • From 4 to 15 people
  • Ages from 10 years up
  • Everything is supplied: all art materials, drinks and food
  • In-house Artists who know the products we’re using from our retail store
  • Original art work: choose your own colours


AGES 10 – 17

Tie-Dye Tote Bags

Pick your colours and patterns, our in-house artist will help guide your guest step by step through achieving your own tie-dyed tote bag. Each guest will leave with their tie-dyed tote bag wrapped in a bag along with aftercare instructions.

Letter Painting

Simply let us know the first letter of each guest and when you and all your guest arrive, go mad with painting your own background for your initial letter painting! Pick your own colours and let your imagination run wild. Each guest gets to take home their own original artwork We love a 2 in 1 with a party activity while also being a uniquely special party favour.

Slime Time

Each guest gets to make 2 different types of slime during this Art Party option. Pick your own colours, glitters and what type of slime you want to make! All materials used are non-toxic and 100% vegan ingredients in all products. Each guest will be able to take home their creation.

Acrylic Painting

Choose an acrylic painting of your choice and we will sketch up on each person’s canvas! Choose from our variety of acrylic paintings that we have done in the past, however if you can’t see something that appeals to you, let us know and our in-house artist will be able to make up some original artwork for you and your party! Pick whatever colours speak to you and have some fun!

Watercolours Letter Painting

Similar to our Letter Painting with Acrylics but make it watercolours! Play with whatever colours you like and learn some magical tricks we can do when using watercolours! All nontoxic and safe for ages 5+.

18+ Parties

Heart Butts

This isn’t just any old regular painting; this is where our creativity comes to life with a heart shape canvas and some butts. 2 hours to paint and choose whatever colours you’d like for your heart butt. Each guest gets to take home their original masterpiece.

Clay Parts

Clay Parts is where we bring the clay, and your imagination brings you a brilliant piece of artwork. There are no rules or limitations. You can truly be as crude or as wholesome as you like. From coasters, jewellery bowl or candle stick holders, you can even take it to the side of nude sculptures.

Life Drawing

Unleash your inner artist for this unique hen’s party. It’s a night and an experience you cannot forget about. We provide everything you need, including model, we promise the model won’t be offended. An expert art instructor will also be on hand to guide your through this creative process, and there are competitions and prizes for the best drawing.

Tote Bag Painting

You and each guest will be given a tote bag and freedom to unleash your inner artist! Choose whatever image you would like and have full on creativity within your own custom tote bag. Our in-house artist will be there to help with whatever you need. Each guest will get to leave with their own custom tote bag.


Not everyone is a natural artist, so take the edge and pressure off by just throwing some paint around? Each guest will be given a canvas, choice of brushes and paint. Our in-house artist will show you a few techniques on how to throw the paint to get different effects and go wild with our variety of paints and colours.

Wine Not?

This is for the wine lovers out there. We can provide or bring your own wine bottle along to paint! Our in-house artist is here to help guide with whatever you need. Pick whatever image and whatever colours you like.

Pot Painting

Each one of your guests will be given a pot, pencil to mark out your painting idea and then free range to our artist quality acrylics while having the easily accessible in-house artist to give a helping hand if needed. No Artistic experience or skills required as our in-house artist are here to help with ideas, techniques or touch ups if needed.

Plaster Belly

A plaster belly is a fun & creative way to remember your pregnancy. A belly cast is a three-dimensional plaster sculpture of a woman’s pregnant belly as a keepsake of her pregnancy. Incorporate your partner in it as well by having their hands holding onto your belly! We sort out all the setting up, do the plaster application as well as help remove it carefully as well as look after it for 3 days while it cures and dries. We’ll make sure all the final touches and details are done before you come to pick it up. Once it’s fully dried you can choose to paint it, decorate it or just leave it how it is.

Pop the Belly

Inspired by the Movie, Princess Diaries, we will set up a wall of balloons filled up with paint.
Before we get popping, we’ll hand out a baby 6×6” canvas with a pacifier on it where your guest will get to fill it in with the colour they think the baby will be. Once everyone has painted their guess, the expecting parents will get to go one at a time with popping the balloons until they find the colour paint that reveals the gender of the baby.

Party Booking Enquiry

We will get back to you to discuss your enquiry, date availability, food options, total cost, etc.