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Drag Queen Paint Party Hosted by Wundes

09/07/2022 18:30
09/07/2022 21:00
92-96 Churchill Road, Prospect South Australia 5082   View map


Wundes is back at 6.30pm tonight. Be entertained whilst completing a fun sip and paint !


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This event has passed

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What’s more fun than a paint party? Why a Drag Queen Paint Party! Duh!

What’s more fun than a paint party? Why a Drag Queen Paint Party! Duh!



A Drag Queen Paint Party is a super fun evening where we crank up the music, turn on the LED lights and let our fabulous Drag Queen host run wild! She may be doing a song, joining you at your table to ‘help’ paint your artwork of just provide cheeky commentary about our resident artist or hosts. Cheeky Banter with the Queen/ resident artist is more than welcomed, we want everyone to have a good time and a laugh! 

Our space is created as a fun spot to get the crew together and enjoy great tunes, amazing lighting all the while creating an artwork that you will actually want to take home and pop on your wall! If you want to enquire about a private Drag Queen Paint and Sip Event with us at Clipboard Art Supplies, drop us a message below or head to our Drag Queen Paint Party Sessions to see when the latest public nights are open.


– The Drag Queen Paint and Sip Sessions are available as individual ticket purchases or be requested as a Private Booking –


  • Due to the adult nature of our Drag Queen Paint Parties, only those 18+ and older are able to attend. Also please note that jokes, commentary and themes of the evenings will a tad rude so if you are easily offended, these nights are not for you.