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Life Drawing Exhibition by Bev Grace

105 Hampstead Road, Manningham, South Australia 5086   View map
0416 950 495


Each sketch is available for sale for only $65. 

Bev wants you to choose which parts you want or keep as they are. Enjoyment of the eyes and soul. 


This event has passed

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These drawings have evolved from a shared group practice that shared group practice that started for me in 2014. At First, my attendance was sporadic, and now I consider myself regular at Gallery One in Micham Cultural Village. We are fortunate to have a number of Life Drawing venues in Adelaide. This particular group has allowed me to explore, and develop my life drawing skills in my own way and in my own time, without feeling judged or intimidated. The only critic you will meet there is yourself, perceived failures are opportunities and learnings. Alwayds there are surprises, it is this that has me returning each week.

Life Drawing is largely an internal process for me. I am Witnessing my thoughts, where I put my attention, noticing when my attention wonders…All this is reflected in the marks I am making. This is a timed process, beginning with three poses of five minutes, then three of ten minutes and finally two of twenty five minutes. This timed process allows for the eye, hand, body, mind to arrive and connect. The more connected I feel the more accurate are my choices, I am appreciating the human form on a different level, its beauty and perfection in relation to my human imperfection. I become humble in this moment… I am the real me, the one I seldom see.

These are exercises in seeing and experiencing. In these selected drawings, you may witness my success and failures, and experience a process rather than a finished work. My medium of choice for these exercises is paper, charcoal, pastel and pencil.

I Invite you to share your questions, comments and thoughts with me. Life drawing is challenging! It is also rewarding. Try It!

Bev Grace