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Sunday Watercolours with Dan Nastasie

15/01/2023 12:15
15/01/2023 15:15
92-96 Churchill Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia   View map
0416 950 495


Dan Nastasie will take you through an abstract water colour paintng of  a landscape, in line and wash workshop

  • 3 hour workshops
  • Experienced local artist demonstrates, imparts knowledge and hopefully inspires
  • Take home your own creation
  • All Artist quality art materials are supplied
  • Always hands on art class
  • One off class

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This event has passed

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Dan Nastasie

Art has always been part of my life and over the years for extended periods of time I painted in oils and acrylics, practiced woodcarving, pyrography, digital art and various types of drawings, as a hobby.

I was always driven by curiosity and happy to try new techniques. Sometimes I applied my art skills in my job as a technology teacher and that created the opportunity to take art classes in some of the high schools I worked for (Blackfriars HS; Pasadena HS; Whyalla R10; Modbury HS).

About twelve years ago, I went part time with my job to get more time for my art. It was a good decision.

Initially, I painted mainly portraits in acrylics taking commissions and exhibiting. The most important commission came from Modbury HS – a large acrylic painting including all the five principals, over the last 50 years. My style was academic, and my main influences were Albrecht Durer and Rembrandt, at the time.

I was doing well, getting noticed with my acrylics but the feedback I was receiving for my occasional watercolours made me to focus more on that medium. At some stage I noticed that I was trying to create watercolour effects in acrylics and that made me redirect my focus.

Coming across the work of Joseph Zbukvic and Corneliu Dragan Targoviste convinced me that I need serious training and I took watercolour classes with Alan Louis Ramachandran and later Alan Philips, at the Adelaide Central School of Art. 

One day I just realised that watercolours are offering me all the challenges and the avenues I need in the creative process and since then this medium takes all my time and interest.

I am honoured that my school, Modbury HS displays in the reception area three of my large watercolours depicting scenes of school daily life.

I was invited to teach watercolour techniques at Clipboard Art Supply, in Prospect and the Campbelltown Arthouse and I enjoy sharing the pleasure of painting in this medium with anyone. It is the joy of watercolour.


Dan Nastasie

Founder member of the Campbelltown Arthouse 

Member of the Watercolour Society of South Australia.


Pages of life – watercolour – 2014

People of Campbelltown – acrylics – 2016

Made with local ingredients – watercolour – 2017

Life and still life – watercolour – 2017

Pages of life in watercolours – watercolour – 2018

Three corners – watercolour – 2019

Every picture tells a story – watercolour – 2020

Mixed-up – watercolour – 2021

The joy of watercolour – 2022


Burnside painting group:

The debut prize – acrylics – 2011

The Popularity Award – pastel – 2012

Patron’s award – acrylics – 2013

The Phyllis Kopp Award – acrylics – 2014

Campbelltown art show: Campbelltown reflections – 2017

South Australian Watercolour Society:

          Coralie Armstrong award, runner up – 2020

          Coralie Armstrong award – 2021 and 2022